Frequently Asked Questions

Why join Infinity Soccer club?

A club offers a variety of teams at different competitive levels with opportunities for player movement and individual development. It is an environment that is overseen by licensed and experienced coaches. Membership with Infinity Soccer Club offers players opportunities to be involved with a team that provides parity– based on skill level and commitment level. Another benefit Infinity club membership includes is technical training from three licensed and experienced directors who have had many years of success with previous teams. One of the more endearing benefits of club soccer is becoming a part of a large soccer community where we have common goals, unity, and support.

How is Infinity Soccer structured?

Infinity Soccer is a volunteer non-profit organization, offering year-round soccer opportunities for youth athletes. Infinity Soccer consists of coaches at all levels. It is our priority to develop coaches within our community as well as hire experienced coaches from outside of the community. Our board of directors meets every other month. All club members can request time to discuss matters at every board meeting. Each team has a parent volunteer serving as a team manager to handle team organization and finances. Team manager, treasurer, and coaches’ meetings are held at the beginning of the fall season and/or periodically throughout the season as needed.

How much does it cost to play for Infinity SC and what are the commitment expectations?

Answers can be found in the Player Handbook.

Once my child has been identified for a team, what do I need to do to make sure registration is complete?

Player registration needs to be completed and a copy of your child’s (state, not hospital) birth certificate needs to be provided. A small school picture is also needed for their player card. These items should be turned in to your team manager the night of registration. A player card is then created by the district registrar and the Utah Youth Soccer Association and given to your team coach. A player card needs to be complete before your child can play in a league game or tournament as it registers them with the state office and qualifies them for inclusion in the state accident insurance program. More information about the state insurance coverage and benefits can be found at under “Risk Management”.

Where does my money go?

Your money pays the district or state fees, coach’s fees, training fees for the club directors to train your player, scholarship programs, and coach’s education. Possible other fees would include uniforms, indoor winter training, referee fees for the season, and tournament fees determined at a team meeting that will be held within 2 weeks of registration. (See Financial Summary)

Where and when do teams train?

Teams train at fields located in Cache Valley, Utah as dictated by the field’s director and each head coach. Each coach will discuss the best time to train at the team meeting held prior to the season and shortly after registration. During our fall and spring seasons, all players U9-U14 will practice one to two times weekly depending on level of play and game schedules. During the summer season, coaches are encouraged to train a minimum of once a week. Participation in indoor sessions during the winter will be decided by each team individually. Training sessions will be conducted by the directors during both summer and winter months. U15 and older age groups practice twice a week during their respective season, as well as addition training sessions during the summer and winter months. Historically, female high school athletes do not train during the fall season and male high school athletes do not train during the spring season because of high school soccer. Other options are available if needed and should be discussed with the DOC.

Where are games played?

This varies for each team, depending upon the level of the team; a) a district team will play at the District level structured by UYSA’s District 7. Every game will be inside the D7 boundaries (Cub River to Brigham City/Tremonton area). b) A state team will travel through out the state of Utah as UYSA designates the schedule.

Do all teams participate in tournaments?

Yes. Tournament play is a great opportunity for teams to experience different competition. The number of tournaments varies according to age level and team desire and is recommended by the DOC’s according to level of competition. U9 – U14 teams could expect 2-5 tournaments per season (fall and spring). Entry fees for tournaments are divided among the number of athletes from the team attending the tournament. The coach’s expenses will be paid by the team(s) requesting their attendance. Hotel accommodations may be necessary depending on where the tournament is located. U9-U12 Teams-Each player/family will be responsible for this hotel expense. Team hotel room blocks are typically coordinated through the team manager or team travel coordinator. At the coaches discretion U13-U18 players may be expected to stay in rooms with teammates and not with their parents, the cost of the tournament will include hotel expenses but not food unless provided by the hotel. Parents will be expected to help with transportation at all ages and will help enforce the coach’s rules.

What is the difference between state premier, state select, district select and classic teams?

State Premier teams are trained to be State Cup winning teams. Training is mandatory and playing time is not guaranteed. Players are placed on premier teams based on skill, attitude and commitment. Travel to at least half of scheduled games outside the valley is mandatory. Tournaments are required. State select teams play at the state level and are the next highest level of competition within the club. Training is required and playing time is more flexible. State select teams travel to at least half of scheduled games outside the valley and attend tournaments as well. District select and classic teams play within District 7 boundaries (Cub River to Brigham City/Tremonton). Players involved with these teams are expected at training and are committed to soccer and practice at a lower level. Classic teams play within district 7 boundaries and involve a lesser degree of training and commitment. (See Infinity handbook under premier, select and classic)

What is technical training?

This is training provided by one of the directors. Trainings are fast paced and focused on soccer technique. These trainings offer your player another perspective on soccer that will deepen your child’s soccer knowledge and ability. Technical training is comparable to other professional training your child would pay to receive. The following are price comparisons of other activities:

Music lessons: violin- guitar- piano average= $40 a month
(½ hour lessons once per week)

Dance/Gymnastics: competitive level average = $100-$200 a month for
(4-6 hours of training a week)

Swimming lessons: average = $50 for 40 min. 10 day session

Tennis lessons: average = $100 a month
(one hour sessions once a week)

Baseball/Basketball/Volleyball: competitive average = $200 – $400
( three month season not including tournaments and several weekends a month)

What is the attire and expectations for training and for games?

The preferred training attire is a green t-shirt, navy shorts and white socks.

Always bring equipment for both indoor and outdoor practice should the weather dictate a move inside. Players should be at least 15 minutes early for every training session and dressed and ready to begin at their assigned time. The primary game uniform consists of the adidas uniform kit; navy jersey, navy shorts and navy socks. The secondary adidas uniform kit is to be worn in the event of a color conflict would be the white jersey and white socks. Players are expected to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to the start of games and should be dressed and ready to play. If the team coach has communicated that you should arrive earlier than the minimum 45 minutes, those directions should be followed.

Do I need to purchase any other type of equipment?

White socks will need to be purchased by the player along with navy shorts to wear during practices. Match equipment should not be worn at training. It is also recommended that a pair of lycra sliders be purchased to wear underneath the uniform shorts. Additional required equipment to play and train includes soccer cleats, shin guards, appropriate-sized ball and water bottle.

Are there other optional Infinity Soccer apparel items or accessories for purchase?

Please visit the apparel line.

What happens to my uniform if I move or leave the team?

The uniform (navy jersey, white jersey and navy game shorts) are yours, as you purchased them at registration. The uniform should be expected to last 2-3 seasons. If any part of the uniform should need replacement during that period, the player can purchase the item though the website.

What about winter indoor soccer?

Please see: Where and when do teams train?

What is the inclement weather policy?

Practice will still be held during light rain/snow or cool conditions. All athletes should dress appropriately in layers for the weather conditions. If lightning occurs players should contact their coach in regards to status. In dangerous weather players and coaches will move inside during these dangerous conditions but space is limited and there may not be room for all teams to continue training indoors. In these events, teams preparing for State Cup will take priority to continue their training inside. If the weather looks threatening, parents should remain close by in the event that practices should need to be canceled.

What are the guidelines regarding guest players?

The guest player must have a current Utah Youth Soccer Association player card. The guest player’s responsibility is first to the team on which they are primarily rostered. Guest playing should be coordinated by the Director of Coaching and with their primary team coach and should only be used to supplement a team and should not displace other players’ playing opportunities. General soccer etiquette allows guest players who are invited from another club to incur only their own travel and lodging expenses to attend a tournament with another club team. Guest players from within our own club are asked to share in an equal portion of the tournament fee as well as cover their own travel and lodging expenses.

What do you need to register?

All players will need to fill out the following forms online during the registration process. Players will be given a unique registration code to use during the online registration process. This code will be provided by your coach.

…need to provide a copy of:

  • a copy of current health insurance card
  • Birth certificate (hospital, baptismal or religious certificates will not be accepted)