Competitive Soccer

Teams playing for Infinity SC have two options for league play; we utilize both the local competition league (for teams U9-U11) and the state competition league for teams U12-U18). In attempt to keep parents from spending money and time to travel around the state for competition we do our best to make sure that before we promote a team playing state level soccer that there is not a local option that will provide an environment that is highly beneficial for their development. However, if a team is excelling beyond the level of play locally we may promote the need for a particular team to gravitate towards a more challenging environment that state soccer generally provides.

The following two age groups generally play in the competitive leagues described below.

U9-U11: Formerly known as the ‘District’ Comp Program, the Northern Utah United(NUU) Challenger Soccer League is one of the best in-house competition programs in the state with over 1,600 players participating during the 2010/2011 season.

With the Challenger League NUU is committed to providing a home for Northern Utah and Southern Idaho’s club and independent teams by providing full-time administrative support at a minimal cost, while allowing each club, team and coach their autonomy in determining their own training philosophy, uniform selection, and roster make-up.

U12-U18: The State Competition League, which is administered by the Utah Youth Soccer Association, offers the highest level of competition league soccer for youth soccer teams in Utah. Utah’s top club programs participate in the State Competition League. More than 400 teams, hailing from as far north as Logan and as far south as Delta, have been organized into divisions for league competition based on gender, age, and competitive strength. There are players in the State Competition League from St. George as well as Logan. Perhaps no other league in the country matches Utah’s State Competition League for its geographic and competitive reach.