Q&A Infinity Soccer Club/Avalanche, Apex Merger

What is the reason for merging with Avalanche/Apex?

Over the past seven months we have been discussing the future of Infinity Soccer Club and how we can best serve the soccer families in Cache Valley. Through many discussions and evaluation of options, we have determined that merging with Avalanche/Apex provides the best possible scenario for all of our players. Avalanche is the girls’ side of the club, while Apex is the boys’ side. The very most accomplished players will have access to the highest level of teams and leagues in the country, while the rest of the players will be able to guest play with other top level teams in Davis and Salt Lake counties. We will have access to those players as well, so when we travel to tournaments, if we are short-handed they will be able to join and help out.
Additionally, one of the greatest benefits to our players is the incredible coaching education and curriculum that Avalanche/Apex provides to their coaches. This will help our coaching staff move to the next level tactically and as a result move our teams to that next level as well. Our coaches are excited to expand their skill sets, and to provide ideas to the Avalanche/Apex coaching staff as they all work together.
Avalanche/Apex also has the top college recruiting platform in the state. They place more girls into college scholarships than any other club. Access to their contacts and the help that they provide players that are looking to play in college is invaluable.

What will the impact be to our current teams?

Current Infinity staff is staying largely in place. Our coaches are committed to their players, and are planning on continuing on with them. In some situations, a coaching change may be made after tryouts, depending on the outcome of the tryout process. This is always the case as we begin a new soccer year. We have had a lot of interest in the new merged club, and are hoping that we will have a great turnout at tryouts. I believe that the best players in Cache Valley will understand that this is the place to be, and the opportunities that will be present with Avalanche/Apex far outreach anything available to them currently. Our teams will all train here in Cache Valley.
Avalanche/Apex trainers will also be travelling up to help with our teams and to train the coaches.

What are the costs involved with the merger?

After we analyzed our budget/income earlier this year, prior to even considering a merger or change to our club, we determined that our fee structure needed to be changed. Merging with Avalanche will only result in a very small percentage increase in our total fees. However, independent of that merger, we will be changing the fee structure so that teams are responsible for the cost of their coaches. For some teams this will mean a fee increase, for others the fees will go down. We will have a club fee, like we do now, that covers the directors and the training they provide, as well as a small amount for club overhead. Then there will be coaches fee, which is where the adjustment in price will occur. We are planning on continuing on with our indoor fee, as we must have access to an indoor facility for many months of the year. We hope to have that fee structure finalized in the next month or so and will distribute it as soon as it is approved.

What about uniforms?

We have been very fortunate at Infinity Soccer to be able to get multiple years out of our uniforms. In part this was because Adidas makes a great product that wears very well. Additionally, even though Adidas (like all manufacturers) replaces their kits every two years, we have been able to find a kit that matched the existing kit for the last several uniform cycles. This last fall, as I got ready to order uniforms, there was no longer an Adidas standard kit that matched what we have been playing in for the last ten years. I had no choice but to pick a new kit, and we were going to make that switch after tryouts this spring.
Avalanche/Apex currently uses Puma for their uniforms. They order using Soccer.com, and the approximate cost for their total kit is almost identical to ours at around $150.00. Our teams will be making that switch to the Puma kit after tryouts this spring. They are on the normal two-year uniform cycle, and their teams buy new uniforms every two years. We will be joining in the middle of this cycle. In order to make this more affordable, we will only be buying one color of the kit, with a training tee shirt to be used as the alternate jersey. This should give everyone plenty of notice to be budgeting for this change. Again, we were going to have to make a uniform change regardless, as Adidas has made significant changes to their standard kits.

Final thoughts…

We firmly believe that this is the best way forward for the growth and development of our players and our club. The benefits to the players are tremendous, and possible only through a merger like this. With Avalanche/Apex, we are now a part of the top club in the state. The opportunities for our players, teams, and coaches are exciting, and we look forward to getting started after tryouts this spring. Change is hard, and while we will be sad to lose our Infinity identity, we will all be working hard to make this new chapter in our community a great one! My goal is for every player and coach to live up to their potential and seize this awesome opportunity. I’m sure that there are many unanswered questions. Please feel free to email me any of your questions and concerns at lisa@infinitysc.com.